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Xpress Car Rental India
Om Siddhi Colony,
Ganesh Nagar,Bopkhel,
Pune-411015, Maharashtra.


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Xpress Car Rental Pune offers most reliable,punctual & trustworthy Mumbai to Pune car rental service at very low rates. Our Service is fast and safe. Various services we provide include Mumbai to Pune car rental, Pune Airport cab, Pune Mumbai airport drop. If you want to book Mumbai to Pune car rental or any of our offered services then call us or logon to our website for online booking. We have trained our drivers to depart immediately for customer Pick and Drop Service. Our drivers are polite & co-operative. We assure Best, Safe & secure cab service.

What are the various types of services provided by Xpress Car Rental ?

Xpress Car Rental provides a reliable metered Pune to Mumbai taxi service, Mumbai Pune car service and Mumbai to Pune car rental service through a fleet of modern, air conditioned, well maintained cars with trained drivers who guide you. The service is supported by a 24x7 Customer Contact Centre.

What are the timings for the Xpress Car Rental Services?

Xpress Car Rental is available 24X7.

How can I book a Xpress Car Rental Taxi?

You can book a mumbai pune taxi either through Phone or Website. To book through phone please call +919623447771 , +919527093371 for pune mumbai car hire and mumbai pune taxi service. To book a Xpress Car Rental Taxi through the website, visit our home page: http://www.xpresscarrentalindia.com/.

Can I occupy Xpress Car Rental taxi on the road?

Can I occupy Xpress Car Rental taxi on the road?

Is there a charge for booking on the phone / web?

Yes, you have to pay partial amount for booking a Xpress Car Rental Taxi if you book through our call centre number. This partial amount is currently applicable in pune, mumbai, Nashik, Aurangabad only. But, if you book a taxi through Xpress Car Rental website, No partial amount will be applicable. To know more about partial amount or charges, please read our Terms & Conditions.

What is the fare that I will be charged?

The fares for Xpress Car Service are very low you can check about it on the website http://www.xpresscarrentalindia.com/. These include fares for distance travelled, waiting charges, if any and a night surcharge as applicable in your city if you are availing the service during the night time between 12-midnight and 5 a.m on for pune mumbai car hire or mumbai pune taxi service.

Will I be charged for waiting time also?

For waiting time charges you can directly call to our customer care service.

Do I have to pay toll charge when I book Xpress Car Rental Taxi ?

Yes, you will have to pay 'Toll charge'- at the actual, if you cross the toll post while you are travelling in a taxi from Xpress Car Rental. However, in case you have pre-booked the Xpress Car Rental's taxi & taxi crosses the toll post while coming to pick you up, then you need not pay the toll charges.

How do I pay my tariff after the completion of my trip?

You can pay the amount in cash or by debit/credit card (VISA/Master Card/ AMEX) as per the fare on the meter with extras if any (for waiting or night surcharge) and a printed receipt / e-receipt for the same will be given to you. Please always insist for the printed receipt however the pune mumbai car rental or mumbai pune taxi service shall get an e-mail receipt. The Internet Banking, debit / credit card payment facility is available at Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad. If you have any complaint, please fill up our client feedback form - this will help us to resolve your problem quickly.

Do I get a printed receipt for the amount paid?

Always. please insist for it. Our Drivers are ordered to give the receipt for every fare they collect. If by oversight this is missed, please ask for a receipt. However in case of taxi booked for the pune mumbai taxi or mumbai pune car hire the receipts shall be e-mailed to your registered e-mail ID.

Can I pay my tariff using a debit or a credit card?

Yes, you can pay the fare charges by your debit or credit card and Internet Banking as well. We accept all VISA, Master Card & AMEX for payment. This facility is available at 4 branches i.e Mumbai, Pune & Nashik, Aurangabad.

What do I do if I left something behind in a Xpress Car Rental Taxi?

Please call our Customer Service Center at +919623447771 , +919527093371 for Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad give us the details of the cab number, date and time of travel (all this information is there on your printed fare receipt / e-receipt) and we will help you track down your missing item. Xpress Car Rental Drivers are ordered to report the items left behind in a cab. So if you can tell us the details of your commute, it makes easy for us to link you with your missing item!

Can I cancel my booking ?

Our system of handling bookings is automated and once your journey is confirmed by our Customer Service Center, a cab is assigned to report to you. We do understand that sometimes, plans change and you may need to cancel a booking so you need to inform us as soon as possible, Xpress Service can cancel your order, when you want to cancel it.

In which cities the Xpress Service is currently available?

The Xpress Car Rental India taxi service is now available in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad. We expect to start operations in other major cities soon.

About Advance Booking Charges

Are there any advance booking charges ?

Yes, if you book a Xpress Car Rental Service through our call centre number in the cities Pune, Mumbai, Nashik and Aurangabad then a Advance Booking Charge will be applicable over & above your fare charge. However no such charge is applicable in case you book Xpress Service through website or if you occupy Xpress Service on street or from our booking center.

What are the charges that I have to pay if I book a taxi by calling Xpress Customer Care?

Apart from fare charges :
For Pune & Mumbai city, an advance charge is applicable for a pick up within next 35 minutes of your call any other booking within 24 Hrs. It will be charged in addition to your fare charge at respective city & it will get added automatically in your bill.

Is there any guarantee of getting a taxi if I pay Advance ?

This is not a guaranteed service. Taxi will be provided as per availability. The advance payment will be applicable only if you get a taxi.

How do I pay the advance booking charges?

You have to pay this charge to our driver along with the fare charges. It will get added automatically in your bill.

Will every call to the Call Centre attract the additional charges ?

No, additional Charges are applicable, if you are booking a taxi through call Centre & you use the taxi service. Any other service calls i.e. to check the booking status, to cancel/modify a booking, to give your feedback, or an enquiry call will not attract any fees.

From when & where this Additional Charge is applicable?

It is already applicable in Pune, Mumbai, Nashik and Aurangabad. It was not charged earlier as a company policy. However, The service provided to the people with good quality, this will ensure greater accountability with the company to provide the quality service.

I don't want to pay this charge. How do I still proceed with the booking?

For the bookings made through the Call Centre in the cities of Pune, Mumbai, Nashik and Aurangabad, these charges are applicable. However, if you book a taxi on our website or if you occupy a taxi road side (if not pre-booked), you will not have to pay Additional Charge.

About Our Website

Do I need to register at your website to avail the Xpress service?

Yes, you need to register on our website using mobile number. This can help you login and book a Xpress Service in less than 60 seconds! Please do not forget to change your password when you log in for the first time. Our system generate the auto notification service to your mobile also.

I am not able to contact the driver..!

Call us at +919623447771, +919527093371 for Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Aurangabad. We will try and see if we can help you.

What is Xpress Car Rental?

It gives you a wide range of taxis and operators across Pune and Mumbai cities to choose, based on your specific need whether it be an Pune to Mumbai airport drop, Mumbai Pune car hire, meeting, anniversary, birthday or even your marriage. Xpresscarrentalindia.com is a taxi booking platform which enables passenger to book taxi online or by phone.

Which are the locations of operation at the moment?

We are currently offering services in Pune, Mumbai, Nasik, Aurangabad, Satara, Sangli, Sholapur, and Kolhapur. We will be launching operations in other major cities soon.

What is the fare for Mumbai to Pune pick up drop service?

The fare Xpress Car Rental Charged is very low for Pune to Mumbai car service or Mumbai to Pune taxi hire. The minimum rate is Rs. 9.50/- per KM and maximum is Rs. 20/- per KM. Xpress also provide the bulk package for Pune Mumbai tour.

Can I cancel my booking?

As we mentioned in above, you have to inform to the Xpress about your cancellation 1 day before so Xpress can manage and adjust for the others, as we know cancellation is reasonable.

How old must each Driver be to Drive?

Our drivers are trained and skilled; we have some recruitment process, in that we check the quality of driver and capability to suitable for our passenger.

When I come to occupy car, which documents should I bring?

We provide the garage to garage pickup and drop service with no extra charges. You just need to pay the additional charges and collect the receipt, if not ask for the receipt.

When should i make a payment?

If you book the taxi by phone you can make a payment using debit/credit card or internet banking, otherwise you can submit the cash/cheque also.

Can I change my Booking?

Yes, but if any taxi is available for your preferred location then you can book the taxi.

Is there any deposit I need to pay?

No, there are no hidden charges applied to the passenger apart from additional charges.

what if I forget my valuables in the taxi?

You can contact us on contact@xpresscarrentalindia.com to report missing and we will ensure to help you to locate the lost valuables.

What if the car arrives late?

Please contact the customer care on +919623447771 , +919527093371 and they will help your trace your cab

In which cities does Xpress provide taxi service?

Xpress Car Service provides service in Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad & Nasik. Our service will be soon available in all over the Maharashtra.

Do I have to share the car with other passengers?

No. The car is booked for your exclusive use and travel. Only you and your travel companions will be using the car.

When will my cab arrive?

If you ordered by text or from our website, you can text STATUS from your mobile phone or call us to know the whereabouts of your taxi.

How can I order more than one taxi?

Currently, Xpress Car Rental only supports one order per phone per taxi. If multiple orders are needed, place additional orders with a different mobile devices.

If I use your taxi service every day, can I get a discount?

Yes, you can avail the discount offer if you are existing user and frequently use our service. You will be eligible for our special discount schemes.

Can I get a taxi urgently ?

Yes, you can urgently book the taxi at any time (Note: subject to taxi available).

Is there any luggage charges?

Upto some extent, luggage is allowed and there are no luggage charges. Carrying luggage more than the limit is not allowed. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Are there any parking charges?

At international airports, the parking charges should be paid by passengers. We also charge waiting charges in some cases.

How many people can ride in Xpress Taxi?

According to the law, we allow up to the fixed seating capacity, which is 6 passengers. If you have more than 6 people with you, call us anyway and we will arrange another cab for you.

What should I do if driver is not behaving properly?

Well, such thing will not happen if you are travelling in Xpress taxi. But, if unfortunately such thing happens, please do not engage in any kind of argument with driver, please call us only on : +919623447771, +919527093371.

Do I have to pay anything for the cancellation of the booking?

You can cancel your booking 5 Hour prior to your pick up time for free of cost. If you cancel your booking at less than 5 hours of scheduled journey or driver has already left to pick you up, some amount will have to be paid as a cancellation charge.

What are the features of Xpress Car Rental's service?

1.Flexibility and Simplicity.
2.Relibility and Low Price

When should I get the details about vehicle and driver?

We will SMS the vehicle number and driver details 2 to 6 hours prior to your departure time. In case you do not receive any sms, contact us on +919623447771, +919527093371.

When should I get the details about vehicle and driver?

We will SMS the vehicle number and driver details 2 to 6 hours prior to your departure time. In case you do not receive any sms, contact us on +919623447771, +919527093371.

What is the privacy and security policy of Xpress Car Rental ?

For on road safety we provide new, clean, well maintained Taxis and the drivers are well experienced and well versed with regional routes. Our drivers are reliable and knowledgeable and they guide you if you hail from different states or country.

Is Xpress Car Rental's staff properly licensed and fully insured?

Yes, Our drivers are licensed by the local council and all our drivers have PSV public driving license, they work in 12 hour shifts. Also, all our vehicles are fully comprehensively insured.

Can I smoke in the car?

No. All our vehicles are Public Service Vehicles and follow strict 'No Smoking' policy.

Mumbai to pune taxiQuality

  • Well trained chauffeurs
  • Young, well-maintained car fleet
  • Amenities for comfort

pune airport cabReliabilty

  • India's largest car rental company
  • In car GPS devices for extra safety
  • Transparent pricing structure

pune airport taxiAddress

  • Om Siddhi Colony,
  • Ganesh Nagar, Bopkhel
  • Pune-411015, Maharashtra.
  • Mobile:- +91 96234 47771
  • E-Mail: contact@xpresscarrentalindia.com

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