A Visit to Friend’s House in Mumbai

What is a Friend:

A friend is somebody who supports you, feels for you and stands with you in your thick or thin. An effortlessly meaning of that would be a person you know, love and trust.

In the extreme circumstances, we rely on a friend to enable us to get through. A fellowship can be everlastingly relying upon the identities in that relationship. In some cases, personalities can change for the good and the bad in numerous fellowships. You can never change an individual through a fellowship. The meaning of a friend has changed throughout the years. In this way that could be a contributing element to why we can tally our friend on one hand.

Importance of Family and Friends:

I trust that loved ones are the genuine reason for joy. When you have loved ones, you have the individuals who look after you. When you have them, you don’t generally require whatever else. When you have a family and some great companions, you realize that they will dependably be there for you. You realize that you can simply depend on them, and you certainly realize that you can confide in them with a mystery or anything individual. When you are encompassed by them, you understand that nothing on the planet can ever supplant them.

Nothing can ever supplant the recollections that you have. Regardless of how much money, or how famous, or how popular you are, it wouldn’t be that awesome in the event that you didn’t have companions or a family. I could never exchange them in for anything. I might want to be rich, have pretty shoes, costly handbags, possess a huge amount of make-up, and have an entire storage room loaded with garments. Yet, my family and my friends are considerably more important. They don’t think about what I look like or what I wear. I could come to class in pajamas or wake up resembling a freak, and it wouldn’t make any difference.

They couldn’t care less about looks. Also, they truly couldn’t care that I’m NOT perfect. I don’t need to fake it like I’m all that just to hang out with them. I could act like an absolute clown and spruce up in irregular stuff, an objective holding a mop or a colossal crown at the shopping center and they would begin giggling. People would take a gander at us like we were insane. Be that as it may, we would simply giggle realizing that we look impeded. They wouldn’t start, “I don’t have any acquaintance with her” or something to that effect. Approve, possibly they would, yet that is the fun part. Some of the time I may do another silly thing like the ride a little bicycle down the road or move like a crazy person.

Some of the time, I’ll get exhausted and say something irregular like “I like eggs” and my friends wouldn’t scowl. My family would begin laughing. I recall this one time; my friend’s younger sibling threw my mobile phone at my head. It hurt yet it was extremely interesting. And afterward, some other time, my friends came over and we made supper for my sibling. We prepared an entire dinner of Mac and Cheese. Despite the fact that no one ate it, it was as yet fun. We would have a billion recollections we can giggle about from in twelve months.

On the off chance that you have just cash, you will be desolate and the main thing you can do is purchase things that don’t generally have any importance if you have nobody to share it with. Being alone in a large house and with loads of stuff simply lying around may be awesome for the show and all, however, with regards to things that genuinely matter, loved ones, are what’s extremely important.

On the off chance that I was rich, I might want it to begin with, however, then it would get irritating. Not by any stretch of the imagination, knowing who your friends are or not knowing who is using you and who is truly there for you. At that point, just having a few friends, simply because they were as rich as you. This is not a friendship. Friends and family are those people who love and cares for you no matter what.

Visiting a Friend in Andheri Kurla Road:

Visiting a friend or family is such a great feeling which one cannot express. But, when your family or friend resides in Mumbai, visiting them, will be a pain because of traffic jams. When one considers Mumbai, what unavoidably strikes a chord are pictures of stuffed prepares or lines of autos and yellow-dark cabs, packed in, continually blaring. A solitary word to portray the circumstance is saturation.
This is because of the expanding populace of the metropolitan urban communities.

Individuals from far away place surge towards huge urban areas to procure as large urban communities have numerous choices and potential outcomes for them. At that point, there are permanent nationals too. So, with the human movement, the vehicular activity also increases. As the way of life is becoming high everybody needs to buy his own particular car. This increasing number of vehicles adds fuel to the fire. The outcome is a traffic jam. The effect of a traffic jam isn’t constrained to specific regions as it were. In addition, people have not proper traffic rules knowledge, this turns into an explanation behind car influxes. In huge urban communities, there are parades, fomentations, and exhibitions too. When they disturb the traffic, there is an automobile overload for a considerable length of time. Perceive how much time, cash and effort are squandered.

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