Tips you need to know before you rent a car

Hey, road trippers I am going to tell you some tips that you need to know before you go to book a cab .

1.Know the cost per kilometre

Before you rent any car make sure you know the cost per kilometre before you start your ride. This will give you a rough idea what amount has to be paid by the end of your trip.

  1. Know everything about the extra charges

Many car rental companies have different rules for extra charges, some charge for taking a halt between your trip while some charge for the extra accessories that are provided to you in the car.

  1. Make sure you are provided with GPS

If you are going out on a long trip, then GPS is very important as it guides you to the correct way. GPS also lets you know the fastest route to your destination and the time that is consumed to reach a particular destination

  1. Do not let other people take a free ride with you

It is you who is going to pay all the charges if anything is damaged in the car, so to avoid the risk of letting anyone else drive or take the rented car. Some drivers have a tendency to take a person along with them on the trips or let them take the ride midway. This is sometimes dangerous as well considering your safety. So do not let the driver give free ride to anyone.

  1. Make sure the car is clean

The interior of the car should be clean. As you are going to a wonderful trip you don’t want to spoil your mood because of a stinky interior. So make sure the car is clean and tidy for a joyful trip.

  1. Check the fuel

Make sure you check the fuel before you start your trip. You cannot afford to stop in between of nowhere and then waiting for some help. This does not work as you don’t know how long it is going to take to seek some help.

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