Mumbai to Pune Cab Service

Travelling from Mumbai airport to Pune city after spending hours in a long flight can be a tiring experience for most of the people. I recently travelled from Paris to Mumbai by flight after which I wanted to take a cab to reach my hometown which was in Pune. So I booked a cab with XPRESS CAR for Mumbai to Pune car rental as one of my colleagues had mentioned about their efficient services.

I never had such a wonderful experience travelling from Mumbai airport to Pune by a cab. The cab was already waiting for me outside the airport. This was a surprise as I usually had to wait for other cab services for pickups. The chauffeur helped me with my luggage and placed it gently in the boot of the car. He was very cordial and gentle. The car was really clean from inside and looked well maintained as there was no disturbing noise from the engine. The seats were really comfortable and the car had all the high-end accessories for a comfort packed ride. The air conditioner was really powerful as it felt really cool in the car as I entered; this was a good thing as the climate in Mumbai was really hot. Xpress Car charged me only Rs. 20/- per KM. which was a very good rate for a taxi.

We started on our journey from Mumbai airport. The chauffeur was a well-trained driver as he seemed like an expert with his driving skills. As I was tired from my journey and I wanted to relax my mind, so I asked the chauffeur to play some music. He immediately turned on the radio without any further questions. I felt very relaxed listening to the tunes that were being played, it felt like home; the music system of the car was also pretty good with clear audio. The chauffeur maintained a comfortable speed even on the highway and never exceeded the speed limit, he also followed all the rules & road signs of the highway. It was very relaxing, I started looking out of the window. I could make out how beautiful my surroundings were. I started noticing things which I never had before. A good decision to go with Xpress Car Rental Services made my day. There was so much around but because of the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, I could see it now.

I wanted to have some food as I was hungry from the exhausting trip so I asked him to stop at a good place so I could have some food. He didn’t make me wait too long for finding a good restaurant as it seemed that he knew much about the highway and the restaurants on it. He stopped at a very good restaurant on the highway where I had my meal and got refreshed after which we resumed our travel to Pune. I was really tired and wanted to rest so I asked him to turn down the music so I could take a nap. This was by far the best nap I ever had while travelling in a car. I didn’t feel any bumps or any other kind of disturbance during my entire journey.

We reached Pune in about 3 hrs and 30 minutes which was, in fact, a very good time to cover a distance of 158 km considering the amount of comfort I received during my travel and also the fact that the chauffeur never exceeded the speed limit. After reaching my destination, he opened the door for me and got my luggage out of the car boot. He later thanked me for choosing XPRESS CAR and drove away with a smile after dropping me.

XPRESS CAR provided me with the best service I have ever received so far in my entire life. I had a very comfortable and relaxed travel with them. I will always choose and recommend XPRESS CAR to all of my friends and family as I had a wonderful experience travelling with them. XPRESS CAR is the best Cab Booking services in India. If you want to create those little memories of a good time, always travel by Xpress Cars. The well-trained staff is an icing on the cake. Make more memories, travel with them.

Pune to Mumbai Cab Rental Service