A Mini Kashmir Tour from Pune by Xpress Car Rental

Introduction to Car Rental Packages

In India, there are many options for tourism like a tour by train, flight, bus or car. Opting for cab rental is more beneficial as it gives you a personal car with a chauffeur. Since driving a car is always very tiring and also searching for parking is a pain. That’s why, for those who love hassle-free traveling, renting a car is a great option. By choosing cab booking service, you can travel on your own timing and can stop wherever you want.

A car/cab booking service can be availed for one day or more according to specifications made by the customer. Different car rental companies provide a variety of planned trips to various locations. Mostly these trips cover locations which are famous for some attractions like some religious place, adventurous places, historical locations, hill stations or some beaches etc. Car tour includes pickup from customer’s location, visit most famous attractions of the particular location chosen by customer and drop at customer’s location.

Pune is emerging as a major industrial city and a hub for IT and Biotech sectors. Also, this contributes to the growth of various shopping malls, local markets and showrooms giving a large range of elegant materials. This is the reason why Pune is a great attraction for all kinds of customers. Adding to this, in Pune, you can find a great variety of food options like it may be street food or fine dining.
If you are looking for shopping in old Pune areas, most popular ones are TulsiBaug, Chhatrapati Shivaji Nagar, JunaBazaar, Laxmi Road, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fashion Street, Phule Market, Bajirao Road, Hong Kong Market Lane, Fergusson College Road, Jangali Maharaj Road etc. You can find the cheapest to the most expensive variety of items in these places.

If you have an interest in history, ShaniwarWada is the best place to visit in Pune. ShaniwarWada is located in heart of the city and it is palace fort of Maratha Empire. In 1827, the palace was demolished in a fire but the huge walls survived the fire. The giant door known as Delhi Darwaza is one of the main attractions of this palace.

Lakes around Pune are the great option for those who are looking for some peaceful and calm places. Several lakes like Khadakwasala lake, Panshet lake, and Mulshi lake are very close to Pune. You can plan a one day trip to these lakes in any season.

Also, various hills stations are nearby Pune. In Maharashtra, visiting hill stations is best in rainy season as the weather too favors the trip. You can find a variety of mouth-watering food items that you can enjoy during your trip. Names of few hill stations around Pune are Khandala, Lonavla, MalshejGhat, Matheran, and Mahabaleshwar etc.

You can take Mahabaleshwar for your next visit.


Surrounded by large Western Ghat range, Mahabaleshwar is located in South of Mumbai. The distance of Mahabaleshwar from Pune is about 115 km. It is the hill station of Satara district. Mahabaleshwar is the famous tourist spot in Maharashtra. Thousands of visitors visit Mahabaleshwar around the year. This hill station is so beautiful and serene that you will be lost in its unbeatable views. Here, you can find hotels in any budget.

Since it is positioned at a high altitude of 1372 m above the sea level, the weather is very cool and pleasant. You can walk around different places or points during your stay. The main attractions in Mahabaleshwar are named as different points by the British Government. When they visited these places, they were amazed by the spectacular beauty of this hill station. The names of different points were given according to their splendid looks.

Various points of attractions in Mahabaleshwar are:
Elephant’s Head Point-
As the name suggests, Elephant’s Head Point gives a rough image of Elephant’s Head and Trunk. This is due to the arrangement of rocks in such a manner that it looks like an elephant’s head. This place is very peaceful and greenery around it makes it more beautiful. This is the most famous point in Mahabaleshwar and attracts many visitors every year. You can also get an awesome view of Pratapgarh fort from this point.

Chinaman’s fall-
This tantalizing fall in Maharashtra is a must visit the point in Mahabaleshwar. This fall is titled afterthe Chinese prison located in the locality.

Dhobi Waterfall-
This astonishing waterfall is surrounded by greenery and it connects Lodwick and Elphinston Point.

Arthur’s Seat-
Arthur’s Seat is commonly known as Suicide Point. It is also Queen of all the points as you can see most mesmerizing and splendid views of valleys of Brahma-Aaryana and the Savitri River.

As the name suggests, Panchgani is surrounded by five hills. Panchgani is a beautiful place with its refreshing air and astounding views. Its clean and green environment makes it a nice holiday spot and you can find some nice schools and British structures.

Venna Lake-
In 1942, this lake was made by Shri Appasaheb Maharaj, a ruler of Satara. This lake is ranging around an area of 28 acres. A large number of tourists visitVennaLake every year because of its scenic beauty.

Mini Kashmir of Maharashtra is a point named as Tapola. Tapola is a remote village with a wide variety of panoramic sights and here nature is very generous. This is the reason, Tapola is known as mini Kashmir of Maharashtra. You can discover many anonymous forts in the dense forest of Tapola like Vasota and Jaygad. You can also visit many islands near Tapola. Also, you can engage yourself in different adventure sports like trekking.

Mapro Garden-
Mapro Garden is famous for the production of delicious strawberries. This garden is maintained by a company named Mapro. This garden park is surrounded by greenery and has a little nursery, a chocolate factory, a children’s play area and a restaurant.
Best way to visit Mahabaleshwar-
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