Hire Cabs from Pune to Mumbai 

  • Driving from Pune to Mumbai can be a dangerous experience due to a high number of accidents on the expressway. Over 14,500 accidents have taken place in which around 1,400 people have died on this stretch. I had planned to travel from Pune to Mumbai with my mother to meet our relatives who reside in Mumbai.
  • My mother was very scared to travel with me this time as we usually travelled to Mumbai by train, bus or flights, but this time I opted for hiring a cab instead. My mother was well aware of the frequent accidents that usually occur on Pune – Mumbai expressway as there had been many news about them in the newspaper and TV.
  • My mother didn’t appreciate my idea of travelling in a car using the expressway for travelling to Mumbai as she had a strong fear about the road accidents that usually occur on this expressway. I somehow managed to convince her for the travel and booked a cab with XPRESS CAR taking their Pune To Mumbai Special Cab Service. This experience changed my mother’s view completely about travelling with a cab using the expressway. The chauffeur arrived with the cab 10 minutes prior to the decided time of booking and patiently waited for us. He greeted me and my mother with a polite tone of voice.
  • He looked like a decent man which gave my mother a good impression of him and she was a little relieved. He helped us with the luggage and opened the door for us to sit. We were really surprised to see the interiors of the car very clean and was well-maintained and had plenty of leg space. My mother asked the chauffeur to drive slowly and carefully as we were not in a hurry to reach Mumbai to which he smiled and assured her that he will be careful and drive at a comfortable speed.
  • We began our journey towards Mumbai. The weather was good and it was a beautiful day for travelling. The chauffeur seems well-trained observing his driving skills, he followed all the traffic rules and never overtook anyone in a haste. He drove at a speed which made my mother comfortable and relaxed. I asked him to play some music of my mother’s choice which he happily did. He adjusted the a/c according to our requirement. We stopped at a roadside restaurant to have our food and get refreshed. After it, we headed back on our journey to Mumbai.
  • My mother seemed really relaxed as she started feeling safe as the chauffeur was a perfectly trained driver and was driving very smoothly without mistakes. I was really happy to see my mother enjoying the cab ride which she was hesitated to take until the last moment. She was praising the comfort of the cab and how it was a much better feeling than travelling by train or the bus. She also liked the way the chauffeur was driving, slowly and carefully just like she demanded. She fell asleep on the way and looking at the smile on her face while sleeping made me feel very happy. Now when I looked out of the window, everything looked so beautiful, which I never had noticed earlier. Everything was so perfect and beautiful in its own way. I felt like coming here again and again.
  • Meanwhile, my mother woke up. She had a very comfortable nap and felt very refreshed. We stopped at a restaurant again for tea and refreshments. The chauffeur was very informative as he knew many good places and restaurants on the highway. He was driving for 10 years on this route i.e. the Mumbai – Pune expressway route.
  • We reached Mumbai in about 4 hours which was a pretty decent time considering our comfort in travel. He opened the door for us and helped us with our luggage. He also thanked us for choosing XPRESS CAR rental services and bade us goodbye. My mother praised him for driving us safely to our destination and was very happy with their service. The drive was over, but it gave us the experience which we never had. It made our journey very comfortable, beautiful and memorable. And the credit goes to the Xpress Car Rental Services. I would recommend XPRESS CAR to my family and friends as they provide the Cheap/Best/Top Cab Booking services in India.

When it comes to traveling by road, one needs to look at all the important aspects of traveling, whether it is the conditions of the road, the vehicle or the cab, the sensibility and attitude of the driver and the comfort of the vehicle. Going by the experience which I had lately with my travel, I would give all the credit to the Xpress Car Rental Services who take every customer very seriously and have well-trained drivers who leave no stone unturned to make your trip a memorable one. Full marks to the Best Cab Service providers of India.