Trip to Sinhagad Fort

Pune is the city of various attractions and to visit all of the places in or near Pune, you will need a lot of time. You can find a large number of historical places around Pune that are also famous for their scenic beauty. The best time to visit these places is mostly around rainy to the winter season as the greenery surrounding these places makes the view very beautiful.

One of these places is Sinhagad Fort which is one of the best places to visit and trek. It is one of the most popular historical places in Pune. This fort is around 2000 years old. Earlier it was named as Kondana. Sinhagad Fort involves a significant place in the historical backdrop of Pune as there were numerous important fights like the popular battle of Sinhagad fought here. It gloats of a key area and is secured by natural boondocks.  

The fort makes an entrancing view with the Sahyadri mountains and serves as a prevalent place for trips in Pune. Many people who love trekking likewise rush the place for a venturesome day to finish a one-day trek from the town to the fortification. Some eminent attractions which you can see inside the fort are Tanaji commemoration, the tomb of Rajaram Chhatrapati, a Kali sanctuary, some military stables, and a brewery.  

The remains of Sinhagad fort enlightens the people regarding how the fort had played about as dynamic military stations in the 16th century. At the fort, you can see the remembrance to Tanaji and the tomb of Rajaram Raje Bhosle. The strong breeze alongside fog, haze, and rains at the popular ‘Hawa point’ was an amazing moment to recall. ‘Kade parcel’ is additionally a well-known point. It is said that in past days the detainees were thrown off from this cliff. Dev Take is a well-known water tank at the fort.  

The trek to the fort is generally straight up and the track is rough. It is best done in the early morning hours when the place is less swarmed. The people who love trekking come to Sinhagad stronghold consistently to keep up the stamina for climbing. Bond with nature exceptionally through a trek and take an all-encompassing perspective of the city from the best. This is the most ideal approach to spend your excursion. Feel invigorated and restored, through this astounding movement. You can get ready for an excursion in this place and no other place can contend with this place. Sinhagad Fort can be visited whenever amid the year, and you will encounter the best time of your life here at the fort.  

There are various ways to reach Sinhagad Fort from Pune. You can take public transport that means bus which operates at every hour of the day. You can also drive to the fort by your own vehicles like car or bike. There are some companies that provide you cars for self-drive. You can also opt for this option. But, the best way to reach Sinhagad fort is to book a cab with the driver. This will make your trip hassle-free and pleasant. The road of the Sinhagad fort is generally rough and full of potholes, so this will make you feel exhausted if you drive your own vehicle. Also, there are chances that it will damage your vehicle. But, when you book a cab with Xpress car rentals, you can reach there easily without straining yourself. Xpress car rentals provide Pune to Sinhagad cab rental at a very reasonable rate. You can book Pune to Sinhagad taxi rental online also. Xpress car rentals have a very nice system of online booking through which you can make your reservation in just one click. You can also book Pune to Sinhagad Fort cab rental by making a phone call to Xpress car rentals. You can book your Pune to Sinhagad cab rental by calling Xpress car rentals customer care and provide them your details like name, address from where you want a pickup and time of the pickup. They have a large number of options in cars. You can choose any car according to your choice and your requirement. For example, if you have a small family you can choose a small car with comfortable seating and if you have a big family or friend circle, you can go for a big car for your trip. The drivers at Xpress car rentals are also very polite and well aware of the local places. So, this will be plus point to your trip. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Sinhagad fort from Pune, book a cab with Xpress Car rentals.